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Everything starts with the initial consultation with one of our senior therapists. The therapist will want to understand in some depth the difficulties that are bringing you along, and to construct an appropriate offer based on that to take things forward from there. The consultation will also give you the opportunity to ask the therapist what you need to know about therapy, and whether it can be a correct intervention for you.

We make individual offers that are ''tailor-made' for your particular circumstances. If the therapist does not recommend psychotherapy, you will receive best advice as to how to proceed from there.

You can make an appointment for an initial consultation using two routes: Online Application and Email Application.

Individual Psychotherapy

You can enter the counselling appointment's online application facility using the button at the top of this page. Online application lets you into the counsellors' work diary. The therapists' publish their Diary for the next month. You can view the counsellors' availability, both for the first consultation and for ongoing meetings. The counsellors' provide details of the services that they offer, should you prefer a particular type of therapy.

You can proceed to book-in for a first consultation. Same day appointments are sometimes available. Or if you prefer, you can book-in a time for a telephone call with the counsellor that you are interested in meeting with.

You are asked to provide us with your contact details, and to let us know whether you are looking for assistance to help pay for the costs of the treatment. As part of this, we will indicate on-screen the likely fees that are appropriate for your income & personal circumstances.

If you want to proceed, you will then be asked to make your appointment for the initial consultation or to book-in your telephone call.

About Email Application: If you send your application by email our administrator will have a look at that the same day. In effect, the email application asks for the same information as the online application. But the administrator will look through the therapists' diaries and create the appointment for you.

The Email Application form asks you for your contact details, it asks you about what days and times in the next week or so you can come along for a first meeting, and asks you to let us know your circumstances. You can tell us about the gender of the therapist you want to meet with, and your particular preferences for counselling & psychotherapy. And if you have given us all the information that we need, we can mail you back with details of appointment times that are available over the next few days, together with a note of what the likely fees will be.

Couples Therapy

You can apply using the button marked 'Couples Therapy' at the top of the page.

There is an email application form, and details about the fees for couples (marriage, marital, relate) therapy. After you have submitted your application, you can proceed onto make an appointment time using our online system, or if you prefer you can wait for the referrals therapist to contact you with available appointment times.

Other Enquiries:

If you need more information or have questions or queries, please use the Email Enquiry Form at the top of this page. You can also phone or text us, but we are more set-up to respond by email. Please do note, that you cannot make an appointment using the phone, text or email enquiry form.

Our counsellors & psychotherapists - who you are seeing

The Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) exists to promote and maintain the profession of psychotherapy and the highest standards in the practice of psychotherapy. The Council for Psychotherapy has the greatest majority of the reputable Psychotherapy Organisations in the United Kingdom as its members. The majority of our therapists belong to the Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic section of the UKCP but may also be Members of the BACP & the BPS (Counselling Psychologists). Our therapists adhere to the Codes of Ethics and Practice of their own organisation, which are consistent with those  of the UKCP, the BACP or BPS. Please do take a little time to check through the list of therapists. Links have been provided for each of them that can let you view their professional qualifications, accreditations and details about the organisation that the therapist trained with.

Counselling & psychotherapy assessment

Not all of our counsellors & psychotherapists take first meetings (assessments).
So, you are only meeting with veteran & fully qualified therapists.

The assessment is about  the psychotherapist understanding in quite some detail about what is bringing you along. The counsellor then discusses the various treatment model options (CBT, Group or Couples Counselling, Individual Counselling, Individual Psychotherapy, short or longer term work), and constructs with you how that can be put together at our counselling service.

Usually with us the counsellor that you meet with will be the counsellor that you agree to carry on meeting with.
But the psychotherapist can and should refer you on to another practitioner in the group should that counsellor not have that right skill-set, or should the therapist feel that a psychotherapy or a counselling is better undertaken by a different therapist in the practice.